PhD thesis in Architectural Design, Politecnico di Torino, 2003

The research consider the role of the “green” in the design of the contemporary city, by combining the theoretical reflection with an accurate morphological reading of green spaces in the urban area of Turin. The research opposes the relevance of some recent design explorations, at different scales, on a range of typical situations, to the crisis of the consolidated figures of the green of the historical city, to outline a possible design identity of the “green” in the contemporary metropolis. This way it is possible to confer the value of research to the heritage of experiences and innovations carried out in different contexts toghether with the ability to identify relevant design strategies and repeatable¬†attitudes in different contexts and territorial situations, according to someprinciples” of organization of green spaces that are proposed in the conclusion of the work.

Download “La Natura in Città” (text in italian)

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