I’m an architect interested in the hybridization of architecture, urban design and contemporary art.

My experience as practitioner, teacher and researcher, moves across various disciplines in the fields of architecture, urban design and contemporary art.

I hold a Ph.D. in architectural design from the Politecnico di Torino (Turin, Italy 2003) and an M. Arch. from the University of Genova (1995)

Since 1994 I’m one of the founding members of gruppo A12, a collective of architects dedicated to the hybridization of architectural design and visual arts www.gruppoa12.org.

In 2009 I associated with Roberto Giussani founding the firm giussaniarch – Roberto Giussani / Andrea Balestrero www.giussaniarch.com.

Afer moving to Mexico City,  In 2017 I started collaborating with Artigas Arquitectos https://artigas.com.mx/ where I’m currently Projects Director for mexican Central Region.

In 2021 I’ve been part of the 1st cohort of Verticalcryptoart residency and I’m currently collaborating with Monograma proyect as metaverse architect