giussaniarch – Roberto Giussani / Andrea Balestrero

2009/2014 Architectural design and Artistic supervision

ottimizzazione.pdf cemento_giuss

The building, which houses offices and a data processing center, aims to complete the building curtain of a block situated at the intersection of three urban axes. Its minimum volumetric articulation sets a moment of “silence” and abstraction against the linguistic overlapping of the context. The uniformity of prospects is obtained thanks to an innovative double membrane filtering facade system, provided with vertical sheets in silk-screen printed glass, which automatically pivot according to the incidence of sunlight to optimise internal lighting and heating conditions. The volume is organized around the entrance hall, which constitutes the connecting point of the whole building, divided in two “wings”. At this concentration of flows, the building volume is hollowed out to house the main entrance and wrap it in a cozy open space, a small square significant at the urban scale. The modulation of the of the transition between public and private space is the main theme of the project and aims to create a relationship of continuity between the space of the city and that of the building. The fence in metal profiles become an urban design element, extending and lowering itself to form large seats inside the entrance open space. The hall on the ground floor overlooks a small garden, built on the roof of the technical volumes of the lowered yard, which continues the urban axis of Lambro park’s green system.

Published in:
– Dedalo n.23, 2011
– M.V. Capitanucci, Milano Le nuove architetture, Skira, Milano, 2012.
– IoArch n. 46, 2013
-AA.VV. Innesti/Grafting Catalogo 14 Biennale di Archiettura di Venezia – Abitare n.548, 2015

Shortlisted for Gold Medal for Italian Architecture 2015, category New Buildings


cross section of the entrance hall


Basement floor

ground floor


1st floor

2nd floor

3rd floor

dettaglio + foto

detail of the facade


giussaniarch_siusi_pianta hall esecutivo

plan of the entrance hall