Curate Award (QMA/Fondazione Prada) short listed project 2014

S.F.C. is the new western utopia.
S.F.C. is a place, is a state of mind, is a human condition, is contemporary attitude, is a project, is a collective research.
Ageing is the main issue of western culture. But ageing is not only the loss (of health, mobility, memory, power). It is also the search for different lifestyles, spaces to live, alternative cities, where people can find a new dimension, a new utopia: the S.F.C.
In the S.F.C. everything is re-designed, re-thought: spaces, places, buildings, noses, sidewalks, forks and knifes, books, hospitals, foods, clothes, gardens, uniforms… Every project will define the S.F.C., the place where everybody will want to live in their future, where everybody will want to design and invent and produce for the best life ever.
They will be the S.F.C.’s pioneers.
In the meantime, we start to do it now: because the first S.F.C.’s citizens – from 65 to more than 100 – will be exactly us.
A12’s S.F.C. project will be an open platform about the issue of ageing in western society. S.F.C. will be a collective project of a new utopian city expressly thought for elderly people.
A12 will provide the conceptual framework of this utopian city and some development rules. Artists, philosophers, scientists, scholars, architects and many other profiles will offer projects, texts, advices, visions, prototypes etc., to improve the performances of this ideal city, to enhance a better awareness of ageing, to reflect about their implications.
Contributions can be chosen by A12 among already existing works or can be specifically conceived for the S.F.C. project, on invitation.
The project will be a thematic container to reflect upon our future condition and how city and society can deal with it.
The materials will be organized in three main sections: CITY: containing design reflections on how the phisical space of S.F.C. will be conceived;
MANIFESTO: containing the conceptual framework and the rules on which the city and its society will be organized;
VISIONS: containing prefigurations about specific aspects of S.F.C.’s space and life.

1. The video includes images and works by: A12, Aristide Antonas, Archigram, Archizoom, H.M.Q. Elizabeth II, Cao Fei, Federico Fellini, Aaron Wheelz Fotheringham, Jona Friedman, Buckminster Fuller, Lee Fulkerson, Terry Gillian, Wenzel Hablik, Indoor Harvest, Ludwig Hilbersheimer, Karsten Holler, Getty Images, Kiyonori Kikutake, Armony Korine, Georgji Krutikov, Stanley Kubrik, Le Corbusier, Ivan Leonidov, Vincenzo Natali, NEUROMED, Constant Nieuwenhuys, Cristopher Nolan, Cedric Price, Dino Risi, Haus Rucker, Antonio Sant’elia, Henry Sauvage, Superstudio, Regine Von Felten, Miwa Yanagi, Frank Lloyd Wright.A12_SFC_03