Board game

The conquest of the house of your dreams

To inhabit is a primitive act of appropriation of a place. It is the way in which our habits and daily practices are deposited in the space, at the same time it is the set of actions which give shape to spaces and situations so that they can accommodate our basic needs. To inhabit means, as far as possible, to adapt to ourself.
To inhabit, however, is the constant and unavoidable compromise between desires and possibilities; between what we are and the places and phases of life in which we find ourselves; between the biographical events and the ability to adjust the conditions to the needs of the present.
Limiting the view to non-extreme situations, it is clear that the needs and desires of a family, a senior, a young couple, a group of roommates, people who live alone, an artist or musician, a worker or an extended family diverge and are divided by a scale ranging from the bare minimum to the ideal size.
Each one develops “minimal units of desire” to improve his/her housing situation that may deviate even slightly from his/her actual conditions. Sometimes it is an extra room, with a window that allows to look out to the south; a terrace where to place the cyclamens or rosemary; a small piece of garden or a portion of the roof where you can imagine to become energy independent; a larger closet, a laundry room, a small study. Even when the need for a house is already satisfied, some desires around the living space may appear, desires that few manage effectively to satisfy but that many nurture.
To reflect on “living minimum” has become an opportunity for us to observe the minimal units of desire for each inhabitant and to highlight those little needs that could improve our way of life… playing!
APTAMI is a board game in which players assume different identities and put on stage the never predicted relationships between the unforeseen, the opportunities, the essential needs and desires related to housing. A game where the goal is to achieve the best compromise between life and dreams, between real conditions and aspirations. Because “living minimum” is above all this: to succeed in giving shape and space to our desires. Minimum, indeed.

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