A12, Liceo Artistico Caravaggio, Milano, 2011

[CARAVAGGIO] STAR MUSEUM is a project developed with the students of the Caravaggio Art School in Milan. The initiative is a stage in a work in progress that has lasted for some time. It starts from the continuously updated collection and cataloging activity visible on STAR BLOG (and aims to create a widespread and itinerant museum of stars. [CARAVAGGIO] STAR MUSEUM is a stage of the project: it is not only the exhibition venue for an archive of images and objects, but an opportunity for exchange, comparison and production in which the protagonists are the students, their imaginative ability, manual skills the will to use the reflection around the star archetype as a tool to explore and make known the hidden and lesser known spaces of their daily life environment: the school. The students were invited to carry out interventions on the star theme and to identify, together with A12, the most suitable places for their installation. The installations thus created represent the elements of a hidden constellation around the high school.