2006-2010 Riqualification of an industrial district and environmental belt in Zermeghedo (Vi).

london festival model 004


In the project of the contemporary city, to design defined shapes is not a self sufficient action to obtain a significant result. It’s necessary to rethink the design action within a developing process, adopting incompleteness and temporality as values. Re-editing what the existing reality gives at our disposal, rather than claiming a neutral territory on which we could give shape to pre-defined hypothesis. The dissolution of precise boundaries between intervention and context, the reclaim and the re-interpretation of what exists, the attention to a temporal dimension that, from time to time, circumscribes or dilates itself, mean also to leave the operative hypothesis of landscape preservation, towards an approach that reckons in a more complex way the relationship between History and the past, from one side, and the needs of territorial preservation, from the other. Fattore K rests on 3 strategies that flank and overlap: Duplication + Densification + A “new alphabet” for the territory
with: Studio AUA, Fuoribiennale

selected for: London Festival of Architecture 2008.


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