Project for a bookshop in Palazzo Vecchio a Firenze (IT) 2010

The project is part of the wider redevelopment program of the museum of Palazzo Vecchio and has as its object the preparation and functional adaptation of the Sala d’Arme located on the ground floor of the Palazzo.

A single unitary and recognizable intervention will preserve the spaciousness of the Hall, guarantee the fluidity and separation of visitor flows and respect the existing structure, A sort of “carpet” or platform, characterized by material and shape and positioned in the center of the room without vertical elements of strong separation, will bring together the various furnishings intended for the new functions: the shelves for the bookshop, the space for the cash desk, conference seats, etc. The carpet thus ensures the separation of the main flows of visitors while the presence of the tier, which is always accessible even when no conferences are scheduled, guarantees an “open” space for resting visitors.