Digital collage, 2010

Drawing a new memory is a book published in 2010 about the project Cantieri d’Arte, after its first 5 years of life.

It is split in two parts: the first one is a collection of 12 mini made using different languages by 12 artists (Elena Arzuffi, Botto & Bruno, Complot S.Y.S.tem, Eva e Franco Mattes aka, Flavio Favelli, Gruppo A12, Thorsten Kirchhoff, Laboratorio Saccardi, Andrea Mastrovito, OZMO, Santiago Cirugeda/Recetas Urbanas, Paul Wiedmer). The second part summarize, thanks to the explanation of technical files, the first five years of the project. The book was preceded by an online project titled: Dodici per dodici – Un feuilleton del XXI secolo: 12 artists, 12 months. In each month, an artist was published on the website’s homepage, which acted as a 21st century feuilleton that collected the very first episodes of the stories told by the twelve artists selected for the book.