Project for prototype, knitting stitch, yarn libraries and exhibition spaces for a knitwear factory, Vicenza (IT), 2008

Four key concepts:
1) Complex Machine: The building is the archive: the storage mechanism is staged as a scenographic element of representation and not just functional.
Archiving involves a dual system consisting of compacted and automated modules and manual mobilization on rails.
2) Infinite Archive: Upon entering the building, one has the impression of entering a continuous, infinite and dynamic archive.
The project envisages using a defined range of materials: mirrors, light colors, continuous elements.
3) Wunderkammer: Every single functional space within the building is a “room of wonders”, with its own character and atmosphere immediately recognizable by the visitor and memorable.
4) Respect vs. Parasites: A philological respect in the recovery of the building in its historical parts is contrasted by a logic of “parasitic occupation” of minute and homogeneous elements.