Two phase international competition (3rd qualified) Fondazione del Monte. San Donato district, Bologna (IT), 2008.

with Studio Ghigos, Loris Cecchini

The project works on the domestic atmosphere that characterizes this area. The park we propose is a house/park or a park/house: a sequence of outdoor rooms, displaying and reinterpreting the individual rooms of an apartment. A home that everyone can feel their own, in which to feel safe and where it is possible to carry out different activities at different times of the day.
The rooms of the house/park are not enclosed but are characterized by the presence of an object of furniture that becomes its icon, its distinctive sign. These are oversized objects made with cheap and easy-to-maintain materials, of the same color, which change from time to time to accommodate different functions and activities. They do not only have a decorative function but become real focal points of the park: places where activities and the image of the house/park are thickened.