“Arte e Natura nel Parco, Works of art in the heart of nature”. Competition by invitation for permanent artworks in the Regional Park of Roccamonfina-Foce Garigliano (CE)_ 2008

The project is based on the concept of stimulating awareness and touristic interest in particular geographic areas using phenomena such as “word of mouth” recommendations and the networks of relations that extend internationally amongst groups, be they social, professional or cultural specific. Some famous examples are “Chiantishire”, the Langhe and Lake of Como. In gathering information on the area covered by the park we came to realize that the local housing market offers rural buildings at prices below 20,000 Euro and our idea therefore, should we win, is to use the budget to run the project and to apply the fee for the artist to buying and restoring a building in the park. The rebuilding work, which by necessity will be a long process thereby allowing time for attracting further resources, beyond fulfilling the need to make the property habitable will also come to be perceived as an artistic project with which the public can identify, transforming the selected building into a work of art and a point of reference for the community that lives in the surrounding territory. The building, which in effect becomes our property, will be used by us a temporary habitation to spend holiday time but it will also be open to the public on the occasion of specific events (small exhibitions), guided tours, conferences, etc.). The idea is to invite people belonging to our circle of friends and acquaintances who, once they appreciate the beauty of the place, will in turn be interested in coming back and eventually buy houses for themselves, thereby widening the circle of people who come to the park.
And so Roccamonfinashire will be born.