Installation , Centro Cultura Contemporaneo Caldogno, Caldogno (VI), Italy, january 2008

The project proposed for Villa Caldogno works on the relationships between architecture, space, time and the presence of the people who pass through them.  The creation of a device that allows to emphasize the relationships between the different parts of the architectural ensemble (Villa, garden, bunker), makes the people who are there at the same time an active and passive part of the architecture of the space, through the creation of a new changing decorative (and interactive) apparatus for the three rooms of the East wing. The system consists of three parts: a CCTV captures images of visitors and staff members inside the bunker and in the garden and stores them for a limited period of time; an archive of images, details, isolated figures, taken from the frescoes that occupy the walls of the different parts of the villa; a large machine that occupies the center of the three rooms of the eastern wing of the villa, containing various projection tools aimed at the walls without frescoes. This last structure is used to project on the walls the images taken from the frescoes and those taken from the archive of ephemeral presences of people gathered in the surrounding spaces. Those who enter the three rooms have the opportunity to maneuver, by operating a system of levers, buttons and wheels, the projections of the images of the frescoes and visitors on the white walls, moving them, varying their dimensions, placing them side by side and superimposing them in a potentially infinite and always time-varying compositions. Playing to find himself and his friends, to make them meet with Angelo Caldogno, Scipione, Sofonisba, prisons, cherubs or complete strangers.