Project for a new Breil store in Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, Italy, 2007
The project for the expansion of the new Breil store in Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan was structured around the development of 3 pairs of concepts:
1. luxury materials / precious objects: the atmosphere and the materials chosen for the interior furnishings (mirrors, large wooden frames, warm color tones) are reminiscent of the luxurious and welcoming environments of the ancient jewelers. Sensations amplified by the presence of gigantic objects / chandeliers that function as a symbol of past and present glories.
2. rarefaction of exposure / sensory experience: it was decided to display and illuminate every single Breil product as if it were unique, guaranteeing the rarefaction typical of luxury shops through the regularity of the arrangement of objects. This rarefaction is contrasted by an atmosphere of great dynamism: the envelope of the store is in fact canceled by the multiplication of the reflected images of customers on the mirrors placed on the perimeter walls and by real-time projections of details of what happens inside. The Breil customer is the shop.
3. micro / macro: a personalized attention to the customer, “pampered” as in the old fashion ateliers and remembered as the main protagonist of all the activities in the Breil world, is accompanied by the desire to involve all visitors to the store, even the most occasional ones, to a total and sensorial experience of the products on display: not only touch, feel Breil.
A few examples: on the 2/6 chandelier test tables it is possible to try the new models of the collection: customers can independently try on rings, bracelets, watches appropriately fixed on the tables while they are reflected in the mirrors; the chandelier 5 supports two devices to experience the “world of breil”: wearing the musical helmet you can try on the new helmets, which in this case also work as headphones that allow you to listen to the song selected on the keyboard of the corresponding table; the new fragrances can instead be tried by placing the hand on a surface that leaves a perfumed stamp with the breil logo; the chandelier 4 functions as an interactive “environmental” cabin: in this corner covered with mirror it is possible to try on glasses, helmets, bags, but also umbrellas, hats and other accessories, selecting a particular environmental condition, the intensity of light and a noise background evoke a rainy day in Piccadilly, a foggy afternoon in Brera, a spring evening in Times Square, a summer day in Venice beach.