Design of the Neozone fashion trade fair, Milan, 2006

NeoZone is a high-end womens pret a porter event which draws inspiration from the most innovative, researched classic and contemporary styles. The event presents quality contemporary classics and luxury sportswear proposals from a select group of Italian and international companies characterized by a strong product image and culture.

300 construction site lamps, those used for motorway signaling, flood with intermittent flashes and invade the open spaces and access areas to the Neozone event, signaling the main entrances along Via Tortona and Via Bergognone.
The reference to the aesthetics of work in progress, of the unfinished, of the unexpected, underlines the vitality of the world and of the products exhibited in the interior spaces of the fair and, with the technique of retaliation, deliberately brings together two opposite worlds: the construction site and the showroom, highlighting one of the most significant events of the fashion week on an urban scale.