Industrial pastry shop in Mestre (IT)

The new construction of a shed intended for productive and commercial uses in an industrial area of ??the Veneto region offered the opportunity to develop some design elements relating to the external appearance and recognizability of the building from the street and others relating to the organization of the accessible internal space. to the public:
1. the “casket”: the building on the outside appears as a compact volume of black concrete, essential.
2. the talking wall: on the outer shell a series of luminous elements become the recognizable figure of the building, in the form of a clock, or alternatively, information on the company
3. the “precious” atrium: you enter inside through a luminous cut in the volume, an atrium covered with full-height glass walls that allows you to perceive the interior
1. the suspended volumes: inside the large triple-height space, ceilings and floors, visible from the outside, are configured as suspended volumes of different thickness. the covering material – wooden drawers – contrasts with the coldness of the walls and makes the environment welcoming
2. the full-height curtain: the staircase leading to the upper floors is made recognizable by a curtain hanging from the ceiling for all three floors of height, defining a large volume of fabric, decorated in bold colors.