New concept store Breil, Milan, Italy, 2006

The project for the new Breil stores is based on the development of 3 concepts:
1. To create a unitary environment, highly recognizable and with a strong visual impact. To obtain the effect of “immersion” in a strongly characterized space, in addition to the choice of materials and colors, it was decided to concentrate the products in specific, clearly defined exhibition spaces, operating a sort of rarefaction of the goods – typical of luxury – which is instead matched by a method of display that undermines the fixity and rigidity of this kind of shops, attracting a curious public interested in innovation.
2. To create an environment in which the consumer is the focus. Entering the shop, the consumer is at the center of the exhibition: he is surrounded by products organized in three different supports. the differentiation makes it possible to identify specific spaces according to the cut of the objects to be exhibited and the relief that one intends to give them. Each of the supports is characterized by a specific shape and material and is placed differently in the store space, becoming its identifying figure.
3. To create a dynamic environment that is always “on the move”. The strongest characterization of the display system is entrusted to the movement of a curvilinear ribbon that crosses the store space and is moved by a mechanism that allows the display cases to move and offer the consumer always different visions.