IX Istanbul Biennal, Istanbul, Turkey 2005

Deniz Palas, Garanti Building, Kavala and Antrepo no. 5 storages, Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, Bilsar Building, Italian Workers Society building are the seven venues of Istanbul Biennial. Seven buildings with different characteristics, dimensions, typology, context.
A12’s project for the Biennial wants to give evidence to this fragile and ephemeral network of relations, activated by the exhibition. It displays a mechanism of analysis and identification of these places, reading and interpreting their constructive and architectonic characters. It’s a way to make the presence of
art evident, underlining the richness and the contradictions of the city itself, through the architecture of its buildings.

Ist-mag05 denize (11) Ist-mag05 garanti (1) Ist-mag05_platform