Setup of the exhibition “Italian Eyes – fashion photography from 1951 to the present”
Rotonda di via Besana, Milano, Italia 2005

12 PAVILLION_06.11.pdf

The exhibition design, stages at the center of the Rotonda di Via Besana a kind of architecture/archive, an utopian device capable of storing and processing the photographic materials that have produced the book “Italian Eyes – fashion photography from 1951 to the present.” from which the exhibition descended. In this display the materials of the book, the result of a fragmented search made in different places and cities, find a form, organization and especially visibility. The images are organized according to themes, data, dimensions and authors, they are mounted on easily manageable and deliberately “unstately” and can be directly viewed, touched, explored, discovered by the visitors.sguardoit_07 besana2 copia besana6 besana9 besana12