Padiglione temporaneo 50th Intl. Art Exhibition Venice Biennal, 2003

La Zona is a temporary pavilion for the display of contemporary arts, installed in the Giardini della Biennale, in Venice, during the 50th International Exhibition in 2003.
Located in an open area, it configures an ephemeral public space and gallery, designed to intersect the flows of visitors who attend the Biennale. The intervention is conceived as an almost mute architecture, thought to provide a neutral stage for the works of art and for the public.
The project is divided in two juxtaposed elements: a volume, which contains a gallery and a lifted outdoor platform. In its simplicity, la Zona acted as a transitory public space, providing a pause in the incessant circulation of the Biennale.
committente/client: Venice Biennal