Renovation of Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam (NL) 2002

The proposal for the Witte de With museum is divided into the definition of three intervention strategies which, acting on different levels, attempt to solve problems related to the lack of visibility, accessibility and flexibility in the use of expositive spaces. Based on three key themes (communication, circulation and multiple use of spaces) different solutions have been formulated that can be combined in order to meet the different economic resources of the Museum. The theme of external communication is solved with two projects: a system of curtains that covers part of the facade of the museum and returns information about what is happening inside and a “more labile” communication system, based on “viral” spreading, in the neighborhood and in the city, of identifying signs of the museum. The issue of circulation relates to two proposals that work on the space of the stairs and atrium and on the modification of the internal organization of the areas intended for warehouses and offices. Finally, the theme of the multiple use of exhibition spaces has been declined by proposing a series of interventions that can be carried out in stages: light interventions that work only on the graphics of the floors and a technical false ceiling to which mobile elements are hung which, together with a set of panels, displays and mobile tables, allows you to temporarily modify the space according to contingent needs.