Installation, ZKM Karlsruhe, 1999

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The installation is presented as a physical place to “stay”, made of the accumulation of materials recovered and built through on-site work, which functions simultaneously as a container and as a counterpoint to the site, virtual space in continue evolution in which the stories and images of the geographer von Humbolt mingle with those of the project’s participants, experimenting with new narrative and descriptive structures of the explored territories.

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with Daniel Burckhardt, Roberto Cabot, Elena Carmagnani, Udo Noll, Philip Pocock, Wolfgang Staehle, Florian Wenz and others.

published in : Peter Weibel,Timothy Druckrey (a cura di) “Net_condition_art and global media”, Graz/Karlsruhe/London 2000; AA.VV. “cITy international \ media \ art award 2000 ZKM “, Karlsruhe 2000